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QotD: Terminal

Question: What color is your terminal background?

My Answer: It had been set to one of those Apple-supplied background pictures, actually, but I just changed it to 80% opaque dark green. Spring is in the air, and everything around me is about to turn green: why not my Terminal? White text, naturally.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Terminal"

  1. Green text on black background, set to be slightly transparent. Terminals simply have to be monochromatic green screens... I guess that kind of dates me though...

  2. Green text, black background with a purple prompt, displaying the time, login, machine, file count, current path and size of files in the current directory.

    Last login: Tue Mar 22 11:15:49 on console

    Welcome to Darwin!

    [11:27][anakin@Core][3.14-0x (0.001Mb) 9.14d]


  3. I'm with them. /|\

  4. Amber on Black, aliased text -- nothing all that interesting.

  5. With modern typefaces, at relatively small sizes, I prefer black text on a white background. (whereas back in the 80s, on an Apple II, white/green/amber on black was much more readable)

    My terminal windows are usually transparent, and either white or a light pastel color. On my machine I use a script to choose a random color for a window (allowing me to easily keep track of which window is which even if I have several open)

  6. My Terminal

    Erik asks: What color is your terminal background? Mine's White text on Black with about 50% transparency:...

  7. I'm with the crowd: green text, black background, semi-transparent. It has that nice "Laser 128" feel you want in a terminal.

  8. Green Text, Semi-Transparent background also. From all the comments here I'm amused at how popular it is 🙂

  9. I use a modified version of a script found on macosxhints. I randomize the hue, set saturation to .27, set the value to .59, and have no transparency. The text is white Monaco 10. This way I can easily recognize different windows.

  10. White, unantialiased Monaco 10 on Lead (#191919). Opaque.

  11. Weird. I put the same thing: black background, green lettering. Except that I also use a nifty Dot Matrix font to add to the old school feel.

    That's so cool that nerds have independently of each other implemented such similar schemes. 🙂