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Adium’s “Away” Messaging

Adium can queue messages for people who aren't online. In other words, if I want to tell Bob "yo, Bob, don't forget about next Tuesday" and Bob isn't on AIM, I can still send him a message. Adium queues it up, and when Bob next signs on, the message is immediately sent to him.

Adium calls these things "Events," and they're quite handy.

I find myself apologizing for them every time they happen, though. Imagine signing on to iChat or whatever client you use and being immediately hit with a small paragraph of text. It's gotta be disconcerting, like the other person was sitting there, waiting for you. It's almost stalker-like.

Maybe Adium should wait ten seconds before sending the message. That might freak people out less.

3 Responses to "Adium’s “Away” Messaging"

  1. I use that feature quite a bit actually. Sometimes people just pop offline though and I have it send later out of habit. When they pop on, I send them a message that says "Sup" or "OK" or something dumb and it usually confuses them. But Adium rocks. I loved it before and once they rolled in the libgaim I haven't used another IM client.

  2. Well, it's actually a small issue, you're right - but then again it's just helping AIM for a feature that is normal within ICQ. There, you get all the messages the moment you go online...

    Maybe it would be nice to add an optional value (seconds) to wait bevor, why not.

    But i would much more welcome invisible mode for ICQ, or support for inline images just a ichat 😉

  3. I'll see about adding that to the next version... I never really thought about the impact it has on people that are just signing on, but now that you mention it, I imagine it might be a little unsettling.