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Mario Kart DS ONLINE!


Mario Kart DS

I say again, woohoo!!!

5 Responses to "Mario Kart DS ONLINE!"

  1. WooHoo!!!!!

    I can't wait. It's really nice to see them saying that it'll include online multiplayer action. I can't wait to kick Erik's ass. =)

    I also like it listing it as June 2005. Last date I saw was for September. Hopefully it'll be out at the beginning of the month for WWDC action.

  2. Ooooh yeah!

    This is one of THE apps I said would make me break down and buy a DS. My family still loves Mario Kart Double Dash. Between my wife and daughters, they managed to clear all levels of the game during the winter of '03-'04. It helped them avoid winter cabin fever.

    June! Just in time for my birthday. 😀

  3. It's too bad that we're having to wait on all the best games to come out. I've got my DS, do you have yours? 😉

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour is... interesting. Graphics suck, very stripped down game, but using the stylus to swing is a new twist at least. Super Mario 64 DS rocks, though.

    (I gave in a few weeks ago and bought a Gamecube and a DS. Sad, huh?)

  4. I can think of other ways to have fun. But if you have no life this will do!

  5. Well, now. I guess there'll be no more waffling for me. A DS will be in my hands before Summer's end.