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QotD: Easter

Question: Do you celebrate Easter?

My Answer: I don't celebrate the religious aspects, but I try to celebrate the theme: rebirth. My life has undergone a lot of rebirth lately - rebirth of a passion I'd forgotten about for a few years (golf), rebirth of a relationship I long since thought was over (with Carey), rebirth of some friendships and careers. Rebirth of my interest in getting a home of my own (my sister beat me to it!).

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3 Responses to "QotD: Easter"

  1. I ate chocolate today and then twisted the gold wrapper into the shape of an egg. Does that count?

    Seriously, I died on the 11th at TPC and then was reborn after watching the cut settle at -1.

  2. I have an easter egg hunt every year. It's a great tradition. Fun and chocolate...

  3. I usually celebrate the season by planting something in my garden. My name, Stacy, means spring, rebirth, and renewal and it's also my favorite time of the year. I think I'm playing golf tomorrow too. Everything's starting to work out better 🙂