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New Glasses

I'm looking into getting some new glasses. My current set - a pair of Esprit rimless glasses - are constantly "coming apart." You see, the nose bridge that is secured to the glasses with a threaded post and a nut on the other side. The nut is constantly coming loose (the nut is loose, the nut is loose!) and the glasses then wobble. I find myself tightening the nut every few hours. In other words, they're not very "rugged."

I like the "no frame" look, and I'm confident someone else has managed to make a rimless set of glasses that won't fall apart every 4-6 hours.

Now, my conundrum: I last went to an eye doctor June 27, 2003 - almost two years ago. I suppose I should get a new eye exam, and LensCrafters eye exams cost $50. I'd also like to get new frames - and perhaps prescription sunglasses. So we'll see. I could have skipped the exam if I knew how to contact the old doctor in FL, but, well, whatever.

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  1. You might want to check out Silhouettes... they were the first rimless pair that I found in the states back in 2001 and they are completely screwless. They use some kinda plastic attachment system and have no joints in the arms... they even make sunglass clips for them. So if they call apart, something ugly happened and yer face was probably hurt in the process!

    Now the trade offs: there's no joints in the arms so if you ever want to take them off and put them in a case, you'll need too hands... gotta shove'm in the case and pin the springing arms down! The other thing with the clips is that they are a pain in the ass to get on for newbies, and once on they can scratch the exterior coating on the lens... so I don't recomment the clips. The arms thing is just something to get used to (and since I never take mine off during the day, it was a non-issue).

    Also, I got my latest rimless pair at Lenscrafters and had them do that camo thing on the sides in black to match the frames... From the size it looks like I have an all black frame but from the front, they look rimless - basically I wanted a frame but this way they weigh a lot less than regular frames... something new to try, was all.

  2. Silhouette are the original frameless glasses, and by far the best. The bridge/arms attachment is (patented and) far superior to imitators. I have three pairs (two pairs of eyeglasses,one pair of sunglasses) and they are very sturdy, light, and nice looking. My current favorite are a pair of these, though the particular lense shape I have are not on here.

  3. Silhouette doesn't list any retailers in the US outside of Albany, NY. Lenscrafter's online catalog sucks, too. So, who knows? Does LC carry Silhouette? They don't seem to.

  4. I was able to procure a pair of Silhouettes down here in the Deep South (okay fine, Raleigh, NC doesn't exactly count), so you should be fine up there in the more civilized area of the country.

  5. Put a tiny drop of low viscocity super glue on your nuts and they won't come off.

  6. I've found them at Pearle vision and Cohen's vision. Lenscrafters only carries frames that they "make" themselves: labels that they own, at any rate. I would try any local optical place. I've also seen the frames (well, "frames") for sale online, so you might be able to work out a deal with a local optical store that way too.

  7. I don't plan to buy anything online because I'd like to see how the things fit and look on my face first. There's no Pearle Vision in Erie, nor a Cohen's.

  8. I have a pair of Nike rimless glasses (from Pearle). They've held up okay so far (4 months) but I'm relatively easy on them.

  9. If you live in Erie, then there is a local shop that carries Silhouette. It is called Curry's. Curry's is on Buffalo Rd in Erie, PA.

  10. Another vote for Silhouttes. Been wearing them for about five years. They are not cheap, but they are nicely light and very comfortable.

  11. Unfortunately, I've been in research/teaching and haven't examined any patients for a few years, so I can't recommend any specific frames. However, if you do get your exam and glasses from a chain optical store, make sure that the lenses are manufactured correctly (i.e., correct prescription, interpupillary distance, base curve, etc.) so that you don't have eyestrain wearing them. You may also need to consider a separate pair of computer eyeglasses that specifically correct for your working distance while using the computer.

  12. I'll check out Curry's tomorrow - thanks Derek.

    I went to Lenscrafters today. I got my prescription and tried on a few different frames. I liked two, but they were the same screw-post-nut thing I have now.

    One thing I did notice was that many of the rimless models were too skinny. They didn't have enough glass (plastic, whatever) at the bottom of the lens. When I play golf, I keep my head up and look out the bottom of my lenses. Too often, the rim of the glasses when right along my sight line. So, no good.

    I did, as I said, get my prescription, and I will check out Curry's tomorrow. My prescription, for my own safekeeping and knowledge:

    Sphere Cylinder Axis

    OD -1.25 -1.50 045

    OS -1.25 -1.75 148

    Compared to my contacts from four (eek, no, make that six) years ago, I'm doing OK:

    Sphere Cylinder Axis

    OD -1.25 -1.25 040

    OS -0.75 -1.75 160

  13. A few months ago I bought a pair of Marchon Airlocks and have been pleased with them. There are no screws or hinges in this design. They seem so light I worry that I'll damage them, but so far they've performed well.

  14. Color 6074 (shiny black)

    Frame 7395

    Shape 7410

  15. I can vouch for the Silhouettes. I'm on my second pair, and I probably won't buy any other brand again. They're so light, I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. Erik, the eye doctor we went to by KMart carries them. That's where I got my first pair, way back before I graduated from high school. They should still carry them.

  16. I am constantly travelling and generally order my frames and lenses online. Consider or , have had good experiences with them.

  17. Marchon Airlocks crack the lenses and fall apart

  18. About Erik's comment that he would like to try on glasses to see what they look like before buying them; There is one Site on the Internet where you can up-load a picture of your face and "virtually" try on any pair that they sell. Everything is done so you see what they really look like, and there is no problem with sizes of the picture or glasses. All is done so they look like a picture of you with the glasses on, ( sized in some way ), to be the proper size. I'm sorry but I forget the name of the Site. You can Google and look around. It is a popular Site and you will find it easy enough. As for gluing screws to hold them, the glue will look white when it dries. Be careful. I paid several hundred dollars for a pair of Cazal's with Polycarbonate Varilux Progressive's and Crizal coating only to have all kinds of problems, from loose screws to the Crizal Coating not staying on without scratching, or cracking when drilled for the screws. Look around and you will find "new" brands which are rimless and screwless too. Marchon has one called Airlock.

  19. Hi:
    I fell in love with a pair of Silhouette eye glasses at my eye glass place. The frames are expensive so I've been looking on the net and have found some at considerably lower prices. I read positive things about and but neither of those has the style I want. Does anyone know about They're in Brooklyn. The price is so reasonable that I'm skeptical. I appreciate your feedback.

  20. Cheryl:

    I called "" today. I've never ordered from them before, but they answer their phone and have detailed technical knowledge... I think she was right about fitting. Rimless glasses are only two temple pieces and a nose bridge. An optician cuts the lens size to fit.

    I just bought a new "Silhouette 6622" at my optician for $295.00!

    Ouch 😯 Imagine my surprise when I found them there for $130.00 less 🙄 My new "Silhouettes" broke in half 4 weeks later. (The nose bridge just fell apart on my face". Hmmm. 🙁

    Regina in Orlando FL.

  21. I'm so sick of glasses I could scream. I bought Silhouettes and I do not find that they are much better than any others. Mine cost like $800 with the lenses and man they suck. My biggest problem right now is that I had new lenses put in them and got a teflon coating which was sold as really non-scratch, but after only a month or so, they got a couple of big pits in them. . I can't imagine what was coming at my face with such speed that it actually pitted my lenses. Plus, these lenses will not come clean to my satisfaction, they always seem to be foggy. I guess I'll have these glasses until I die just to feel like I got my moneys worth. As far as frames go, they seem to be able to take alot, but I still think they are way overpriced. I hope I can afford Lasik soon.