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QotD: Most Often Tune

Question: Which "iTune" have you listened to most?

My Answer: I've listened to "Up!" by Shania Twain and from the album "Up! (Red Disc)" (2002) 36 times. The next closest song comes in at 23 plays. I last listened to "Up!" (if you don't count that I'm playing it right now) on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 at 2:01:00am.

I think at one point I put this song on repeat and then forgot about it while I muted the computer and talked to Carey.

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15 Responses to "QotD: Most Often Tune"

  1. "Rather" by Salaryman off their self-titled album, 26 times. Coldplay "Clocks" from "A Rush of Blood to the Head", The Kinks "Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl" from the "Rushmore" soundtrack, and "South Side" by Moby from "Play" all 25 times.

    Last listened to "Rather" 2005-02-03 13:21...

  2. I've played 'How To Disappear Completely' by Radiohead from the album "Kid A" 52 times - last played at 3/25/05 at 3:48 P.M. Next closest song would be 'Pale Blue Eyes' by the Velvet Underground at 34 times.

    I think I'm seeing a trend here.

  3. Interesting QOTD. Got me curious. "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne for the grand total of 34 times. Fortunately enough it is rated an appropriate 5 stars.

  4. I've got "Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors" by DMB from a concert in 1993 (23 times), followed by the first ever "Crazy-Easy" by DMB as well (22 times) and then "I Saw" by Matt Nathanson (22 times).

    Does anyone know of any AppleScript that will calculate total time played in iTunes (ie, goes through and does song time * play count for every song)? It would be an interesting statistic to see.

  5. I have listened to Nine Inch Nails' "The Line Begins To Blur" 109 times, I happen to like the song very much 🙂

  6. Wow, I seem to have a lot higher playcounts than others around here. I've listened to "The White Tree" by Howard Shore off the Return of the King soundtrack 142 times followed by "Baba O'Riley" by The Who 132 times.

  7. iTunes claims I've listened to "Bells are Ringing" by TMBG (from their Factory Showroom album) 27 times. But it lists 0 for a lot of songs which I know I have played, so I don't think I trust its numbers. (This is while booted into Tiger .. I have my iTunes library set as an alias pointing at my Panther iTunes files, but maybe it's keeping the play count separate.)

  8. On this iBook, “Fever Beats” by Thea Gilmore, 20 times.

    Including tracks I've streamed onto my office server, and CD plays in the car, it would absolutely definitely be a track by Stars, from one of Nightsongs, Heart, or Set Yourself On Fire; most likely “Elevator Love Letter”. iTunes says that I've played songs from those albums over 200 times; in addition, Audioscrobbler clocks 139 plays for Stars (a slight overlap with iTunes, but still not including in-car time).

    Great QotD. Illustrates the need for total meta-data collection, though — in-car and streamed, as well as on the Mac and iPod.

  9. "The Hideout" by Sarah Harmer, 26 times, although I did have "Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed" by Harry Manx over a 1000 times before I reset it. We were using it at night to calm our babies for sleep.

  10. I've played 1000 Julys by Third Eye Blind from the album Blue 145 times. The runner up is Wonderwall by Oasis from the album (What's The Story) Morning Glory? 132 times.

  11. Coming in tied at 26 plays each-- drumroll please...

    A Little Less Conversation by Elvis and

    Sexy M.F. by Prince.

    It used to be Liz Phair's 6'1", which has fallen to the number 2 spot.

  12. I'm sure my play count has been zeroed at least once since Panther and I have no iPod so my counts aren't that high (I have a "never played" smartlist that indicates I've never played 25% of my library. Not likely!). Not counting streaming radio stations, my highest is 10 plays of "My Hero" by Foo Fighters off "The Colour and the Shape." Like half of my top ten plays, this was a free track from iTMS (some were from redeemed Pepsi caps, I've never bought an iTMS track), I might have had a Protected track playlist on Repeat one day.

  13. My top played is a tie betweeen:

    * The Beautiful South - The Sound Of North America (from Blue is the Colour)

    * David Gray - Gathering Dust (not sure which album)

    * Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life (The Division Bell)

    All played 240 times. I had one that was up to 270 but in the process of a new hard drive and a few reinstalls of Mac OS X I've lost what it was.

    (My then 3rd gen 10GB iPod housed my entire music library, so after a reinstall I'd copy the tunes back over and then use one of those tools that resyncs play counts. Worked quite nicely.)

  14. (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan by Dntel (13 times)

    The Black Keys Work - Erlend Oye (13 times)

    nothing else played more than 10 times (I tend to engineer my smart playlists so that they play me songs I haven't heard much)

  15. @Martin:

    Does anyone know of any AppleScript that will calculate total time played in iTunes (ie, goes through and does song time * play count for every song)? It would be an interesting statistic to see.

    Not too long ago I wrote a python script to do this. Requires PyObjC installed, see here for details.