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iCal’s Stupid Alarms

I have an iCal alarm for "Pay Rent" on the last day of every month. My April notice (March 31) just came up. I'm about to go to bed (to read, actually) as it's midnight now.

Where the heck is the option "Remind me later…" or "Remind me in 12 hours" or "Remind me in the morning"?

Yes, I realize I could change "Pay Rent" to have a time (9am) instead of being an "all-day event." But that's just silly. (Also, for whatever reason, the "all-day" checkbox is dimmed when I select the April 10 event, so, moot point.)

Stupid iCal.

7 Responses to "iCal’s Stupid Alarms"

  1. The later options are located in the middle button icon in the reminder window.

    The thing that bugs me with the reminders is that iCal keeps bouncing even after dismissing reminder. You have to switch application foreground to iCal for it to stop bouncing.

  2. Have you tried going to iCal Preferences and setting Day, Starts at: 08:00, or whatever?

    Not sure if this works as I'd have to wait until midnight to test it...

  3. If only iCal supported Growl, you could just make them into sticky notifications…

  4. Josh, I know where the "Later" options are, but they're things like 15 minutes (12:15am), 1 hour (1am), or 1 day (12am the next day). They're useless.

    Day starts at 8:00 is how I have it set. But that's just for your work day, so it does not affect "all-day" tasks.

  5. Well, if you're going to bed, then wouldn't "remind me in 15 minutes" be equivalent to "remind me tomorrow"?

  6. No. One of my backup scripts quits applications and closes windows.

  7. The "remind me later" option ... thats why I like Entourage or prefer it over Mail / iCal / Address Book.