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(Boring) Photo Friday

You know, the pictures posted to Photo Friday would be a lot easier to look at if: camera phone pictures - you know, those crappy 320 x 240 ones - were not allowed. Oh, and people should stick to the freakin' theme. This week's theme is "Hot" and there are so many entries that seem to have so little (i.e. "nothing") to do with the theme at all.

Pictures of fire? Fine. Pictures of the desert? OK. Pictures of a cute girl or a barbecue? Sure. Candle pictures may be stretching it a little. Even this is ok.

But snowblowing? Yeah, I get the irony, but that ain't the point. And how many lame pictures of campfires are people going to submit? And y'know what? I'm sorry, but this doesn't cut it.

As a source of inspiration, Photo Friday sucks. That's not the reason it exists - I get that. I'm just sayin'… </rant>