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MP3 CDs in iTunes from AAC Files

I like AAC files. I import 192kpbs AAC files. Why, then, must I change my import settings, convert AAC files to MP3, and then burn an MP3 CD? Attempting to burn an MP3 CD with a playlist full of AAC files results in an error dialog stating that none of the items can be burned.

Pain in the butt. C'mon, Apple: convert the darn things to MP3s on the fly and burn them to a disc. These aren't .m4p files, but regular old .m4a files.

Cars have MP3 CD players, not AAC CD players.

8 Responses to "MP3 CDs in iTunes from AAC Files"

  1. Here: Peeve Farm - The Last Mile. Hope that helps. I agreee completely with what Brian says.

    Now tell me… is it just a coincidence that you posted something about 24 hours after Brain, or are you hoping to start an underground anti-DRM movement?

  2. Doesn't The Last Mile address this issue?

  3. No, it doesn't address the issue at all. My issue has nothing at all to do with DRM. Please read what I say before making comments. Specifically, for example, "These aren't .m4p files, but regular old .m4a files."

  4. Yeah, this bugs me too. If I remember correctly, I was once able to do this using the following convoluted set of steps;

    Open your iTunes prefs.Under "importing" set it to use MP3hoose the songs you want to burn to MP3 CDChoose "Advanced -> Convert Selection to MP3"Select the new MP3 tracks (I can't remember if it does this for you, or whether the originals remain selected)Burn them to a CD.Delete the redundant MP3 copiesopen up the iTunes prefs window again and remember to change your import prefs back to AAC (yeah, I got burned on that once)

    Painful, but it works, or at least I'm pretty sure it did. I just burn plain old CD Audio discs now.. CDs are cheap, and it's not worth my time to futz with it too much.

  5. No Tim, you're right, that's what we had to do today. It worked fine, if "worked" is eight steps. One step would be nicer: convert-on-the-fly the .m4a AAC files to .mp3 files on the burned disc.

  6. Actually, if you read the message in the post I linked to you might think it DOES has to do with DRM. Not technically of course, but that isn't what DRM is all about.

  7. Actually, you can't even burn unprotected aac-files (e.g. imported audio-cds) to mp3-cds. What the.. does this have to do with DRM?!

  8. Uniforcer, You can convert aac files to MP3 withnout DRM and burn them to a CD.