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QotD: Juice

Question: What's your favorite flavor of juice?

My Answer: Cherry when I can find it. Not the fake kind, either. Strawberry/Kiwi is good. A good white grape juice. Cranberry. Pineapple. Orange. Apple. Banana. Mango. It's funy, but my least favorite flavor of juice is fruit punch - a mixture of lots of fruits.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Juice"

  1. I'd go with Sour Cherry as the favorite. Second favorite would be Apple/Blackcurrant. I'm not a fan of tropical or multi-v.

  2. Peach would be my favorite. Mango comes close.

  3. Isn't fruit punch usually just sugar water anyway?

  4. I like a mixture of orange, apple and carrot.

  5. tangerine juice

    Naked Juice tends to be particularly good. Trader Joe's is OK. Odwalla is hit or miss.