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QotD: Developer CDs

Question: Does anyone actually use the ADC CDs/DVDs as anything but a coaster or, in my case, trash?

My Answer: Nope. For some reason, I have a big ol' stack of them though. I should probably trash 'em. Question inspired by Dan.

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7 Responses to "QotD: Developer CDs"

  1. I only have a small stack. Previously, I had a big stack containing CD as old as 1996 I think. Since I almost never used those CDs (except the system CDs), I trashed the pile (two years ago I suppose).

  2. I was a MSDN Universal subscriber until last year. I've been in a 2 year process of switching to Mac development, and joined ADC only last November for the Tiger preview.

    At this point I guess I have 3 things to say:

    (1) There was a reason to keep the MSDN stuff - I didn't have to burn anything for some things I legally shared with. I could pretty much let them use the prior DVD since what they needed to maintain was a different product than why that particcular DVD was reissued.

    (2) After nearly 6 months of being an ADC member I expect I'll renew. While Tiger was the chief reason for me joining, I have a setup that will enable me to work with the updates on various setups as needed without requiring me to install a beta or pre-release update on my production machine.

    (3) As for keeping the monthly CDs/DVDs I get - I have no clue yet. I have a high speed connection and can download everythign as needed, and frankly, once the Tiger preview is done I'm not even sure I'll need anything on a hard bootable copy.

    But I guess considering that for the cost of ADC - and how Apple does NOT give you anything except for developer material unlike MS who gave you absolutely everything including Office and Mappoint - I have no problem receiving those DVDs. Whether I'll keep them for posterity? Since I'm not a packrat....

  3. Nope.

  4. They were pretty useful when I had a 56k modem connection, but those days are gone for good...

  5. Ah, I'm using the cardboard that comes with every mailing for my entertainment :). For example, I made some CD covers and a small box with them.

  6. The only ones I use are the system software CDs. It's always nice to have CDs that install 10.3.5 right away. Back in the Mac OS 9 days, the localised versions of the system we received were quite handy.

  7. The only one I remember using in the past year was the 10.3.5 CD they sent me at some point. And maybe the first Tiger seed they mailed out.. although I can't remember whether or not I did. Certainly all the other Tiger seeds on DVD came far too late to be relevant (usually at least one newer seed was posted on ADC before the DVD came in the mail)

    Back during Panther testing I occasionally used the discs sent out in the mail .. because the old FTP servers sucked so bad. ADC's new HTTP server is plenty fast, so that's no longer an issue.

    The stuff other than OS seeds is generally worthless for anyone with a network connection, and was even then, as most of it was pretty small and usually on the public servers anyway.

    They should stop wasting their time with the useless mailings and spend their time posting decent sample code. (code for some of those nifty custom NSView subclasses you see in the iApps would be cool. Better yet would be to prod the authors of those apps to make their code generic and give it to the AppKit guys.)