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Jeremy Boles and OpenTracker

I happened to glance at NSLog();s stats today, and I checked out the referrers section to see if I was getting any spam. Along with Google and Bloglines hits I saw that someone named Jeremy Boles was linking to me. Hi Jeremy! Very nice site you've got there - real nice.

I am, after reading Judi's note about Web Stats, also giving OpenTracker a try. OpenTracker works by including a single line of code somewhere on your page:

<script defer src=""></script>

Simple enough! I'm not sure it's worth $17/month, but I'm giving it a shot. Click on over to The Sand Trap to get yourself in my stats! 🙂

2 Responses to "Jeremy Boles and OpenTracker"

  1. Oddly, I'm getting lots of stats that say that users are visiting file://private/tmp/501/TemporaryItems/NFItem.html.

  2. Hi Erik, just saying hello as well. Keep up with the great Cocoa postings. Thanks for the link too.