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QotD: New Pope

Question: If you were elected Pope, what would you make your first order of business?

My Answer: I'd find the room to build a golf course somewhere in Vatican City. No, I'm kidding. I'd attempt to reunite the sciences with faith, and show that the two are not mutually exclusive in any way, and are often far more aligned than people seem to believe.

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5 Responses to "QotD: New Pope"

  1. We should start an organization Golfers for Peace. The mission is to unite the world through golf. By helping to build golf courses in Baghdad, Afghanistan, Libya and North Korea. If you have clubs you'd like to donate to high school kids in these areas, drop me a line. This plan is so crazy it might work.

  2. Become Catholic?

  3. I would allow (no, require) birth control.

    This world needs less people, not more.

  4. Hi Erik,

    Regarding faith and sciences, were you aware of Fides et Ratio?

  5. Condoms in africa. AIDS is bad enough without the church telling people to burn their main protection from it.