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The Masters Hates Mac Users (via WMP)

The Masters is supposed to be embracing technology by including a live look at the Practice Tee. You can hit up and click the "Live Video from the Practice Tee."

It don't work. I try Safari, I try Firefox, I try Camino, I try OmniWeb. I try different browser settings and user agents. I have WMP 9 and the latest versions of whatever else I might need.

This ain't hard! It's very, very easy. And yet The Masters site, like countless others, needlessly discriminate against Mac users.

If you can get it working, please let me know how. I once got an error message about not having a handler for application/x-ole-object or something, but I can't get back to that message. WMP media rarely plays - on any site - within my browsers.

6 Responses to "The Masters Hates Mac Users (via WMP)"

  1. This works for me but doesn't for you.

  2. Actually, the link works in another user (in Safari and, seemingly, Firefox too). It doesn't work for this (my) user account. So who knows what .plist needs to be trashed…

  3. I tried trashing the Internet Config prefs. That didn't work. I get the message "Cannot open the file. Verify that hte path and filename are correct and try again." when I try to view the content within this user account. Reaaaaaal helpful, that message.

    For now, I've simply opened FireFox as the other user within my main account. It's working. Hardly the "ideal" solution, of course, and I have no idea why the darn thing doesn't work in my account.

  4. I just took the url and dumped that into WMP and it worked... I typically try and "scrub" (for a lack of a better word) the page for media link I need... it its one of those meta asx file I curl it first and grab the direct link.

    Oh yea they tend to be object embeded so its easy to find.

  5. Yeah, Samual, I tried doing that too and it doesn't really work on my computer, either. WMP says "connecting" forever and then eventually gives up and says "the server is not responding."

  6. The WMP plugin is truly awful. I have the same problem, although about 15% of the time it actually works. I haven't been able to figure out any pattern to when it works and when it doesn't.