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Design: Meet the Team

As usual, Apple creates one of the best looking "Our Staff" or "Meet the Team" designs I've ever seen.

7 Responses to "Design: Meet the Team"

  1. When was the last time Apple posted information like this? You can divine it from other sources, but in the past Apple has been pretty close-lipped about naming employees and areas of responsibility (remember the death of the About Box?). I guess they're feeling pretty confident these days and don't feel like they need to worry about high-level team membes leaking details, being poached by other companies, etc. A little bit of transparency and I like it!

  2. I had the same thoughts. I came to the conclusion that the folks are exceedingly happy with Apple and can't see going elsewhere, are exceedingly well-paid and can't see going elsewhere, or a combination of both.

  3. I thought it was funny how they dressed. Odd how some of them had the same dark brown dress shirt. One of them had a t-shirt underneath, so you can bet some of them had some goofy shirts on before they went to get those pictures taken.

    Theme of that day: Whoa we have pictures today? Hey man, can I borrow your shirt?

  4. As I commented on another blog, it seems like it should be called "Meet the Managers"!

  5. Maybe...but Greg Burns has been dressed like that almost every time i've seen him

  6. Yeah in reality I just thought it was interesting how so many were wearing dark brown dress shirts. Since these guys are our definition of the cool cats at the top, maybe I'm missing a style trend that hasn't filtered out of California yet.

  7. It is a really nice page design. The average age was higher than I'd expected, but I guess these are the managers. It is a shame that they are all male though - it would have been nice to see a woman involved at that level.