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MovableType Plugin Request

Hey, I've got a plugin request for MovableType. Someone could make some money with this (I'd pay ten bucks). Or give it away free.

Read this and see if you can figure out what my plugin request may be.

Yep, you guessed it: a plugin that overrides MovableType's failure to allow TrackBacking URLs within the same domain. I figure it shouldn't be too hard to write (if you know Perl).

Anyone up for the challenge?

P.S. Ideally, this would be a simple checkbox in MovableType's preferences. But until the silly people at Six Apart realize that continuing the conversation within your own blog is just as important as notifying someone else that you're continuing their conversation, a plugin will have to do.

2 Responses to "MovableType Plugin Request"

  1. We're not silly, just insanely busy. And when I say insanely busy, I mean, I have never been so busy in my life.

    Suffice it to say these two things:

    It annoys me too and I'm the MT Product Manager, andB) There is are two workarounds even if you don't know Perl (and a third better one if you do), albeit you shouldn't have to work around it.Put the TrackBack URLs for your own posts in the URLs to Ping box

    Hack the code like in the post you linked to

  2. You know, we gave you a preview button for a reason... 😉