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Braggin’ ’bout my Girl

Carey, as some know, went back to college to become a teacher. She's student teaching at a local high school right now and figured she'd begin interviewing for jobs after the school year was over. Most teachers, it seems, are hired pretty late. It's not uncommon to get hired in late July or even early August.

But not my girl. No, she had to go and over-achieve. She's Millcreek School District's top pick and already got to choose the position she most liked. She's got a job already. Well, the superintendent has guaranteed it, but technically it needs to be approved by the school board. The superintendent's recommendations have never been overturned. So, it's basically a mortal lock.

It's quite possible she's the best graduating (new) teacher in Erie county (and beyond). She's the first to be hired, and the board with whom she interviewed couldn't stop gushing. The superintendent and the main HR guy called her back within minutes, and all of her meetings - from her first interview to the meeting with the superintendent - took place over a span of five days. Two of those days were Saturday and Sunday. And the place at which she's student teaching? They want her back three years from now when one of their senior faculty members retires, and they've repeatedly told her as much.

Now, we have to wait about two weeks for the official letter and contract. Then, letter/contract in hand, we can begin talking with banks about a mortgage and, following that, a house. As soon as we've bought a house (could be as soon as two months from now, eek!), we'll get married. The reception party will come later.

I couldn't be happier - or more proud.

3 Responses to "Braggin’ ’bout my Girl"

  1. W00t! 'Gratz to her. 😀

  2. Wow - nice. Congrats to her!

  3. Congrats.

    And congrats to both of you!