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QotD: Interview Rate

Question: What's your "interview success rate?" In other words, of the job interviews you've had, what percentage have resulted in job offers?

My Answer: 100%! Of course, I've only really ever interviewed for about ten (paying) jobs, and that's stretching all the way back to my first job as a concessionaire at the Erie Zoo. When you freelance, you don't "interview" a whole lot. If you throw some pro-bono, charity, and freebie/favor work in there, it jumps up to about 15/15.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Interview Rate"

  1. As I'm still at university, I haven't had all that many jobs. But, the ones that I have interviewed for have all been given to me!

    So, I guess that makes me a 100%er as well! Bear in mind I've only had 2 proper paying jobs though, and I still do one of them!

  2. 4/6 = 66%

  3. I don't really remember some of the interviews I have had, and if I was actually offered the job... but of the ones I do remember....

    8/9 or possibly 9/10. So not to bad at all. The one job I didn't get was an internship position, where I was the third pick. (so if the first two took other offers, I would be up.. of course I picked a job at IBM over that one anyway)