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QotD: Masters

Question: Did you watch The Masters today?

My Answer: You bet your ass I did. Or rather, you can bet your ass that my ass didn't leave the couch for about five hours.

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4 Responses to "QotD: Masters"

  1. You bet your ass I watched it too.

    Tiger should have lost. He rarely hit a fiarway off the tee. and do NOT tell me he deserved that birdie on the 16th.

    Oh, and what ever happened to slow play? The guy seemed to want to do a ccomputer graphic on every damn green.

    Chris Demarco is my nnew favvorite PG A golfer by a long shot.

    One last question.... why can Tgier wear that cool red Nike teeshirt - yet I'd be barred at Lake Shore? What's up with THAT....

  2. If he's your favorite player, you're gonna have to learn to spell his last name. 😉

    And Tiger/Chris had to wait several times. They were not out of position. They waited on several tees for the group(s) in front.

    As to your shirt issue, it sounds like something to take up with Lake Shore. I'm pretty certain we're ok with it at Lake View. Hee hee hee. BTW, when can we play a round or two together? Cross-Invites, y'know... 🙂

  3. I'm just spellchecking my last post - believe it or not I did worse today. In a two sentence post on an Indians forum I had 4 spelling errors. I gotta adjust my keyboard sensitivity again I guess.

  4. On and off. I was watching the Marlins-Nationals game which, until the late innings, was a great pitcher's duel.

    Otherwise, I watched after the game had ended it. Quite a rousing finish, and I'm glad that Woods won. I don't think 'deserve' had anything to do with it-- he was just the one with the better score at the end. 😛