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Somewhere, somehow, I missed the whole "CF-Lite" thing…

CF-Lite, the Darwin version of Core Foundation, is a subset of CF that does not include some functionality available on Mac OS X. However, it does contain the data structures used for managing common application objects - such as strings and numbers of various formats - which are of particular interest for cross-platform projects.

Pretty interesting! I may just have to play around with that…

5 Responses to "CF-Lite"

  1. Yeah, the open source version of Core Foundation has pretty much gone unnoticed. It's a shame, as CF is a very cool framework for basic types. The APSL might be part of the reason it's not widely used (a plain BSD license would probably make more open source developers comfortable with using it) but also Apple hasn't really pushed it very hard.

  2. I think the biggest difference is that CFNotificationCenter is missing from that lite version.

  3. Would it be that hard to write a notification center? If an object adds an observer, that object could be stored in a mutable array through a custom object (think NSNotification) that would store the object, selector, and notification name. Then, if someone posted a notification, it would compare the names in the array with the name of the posted notification. If any of them matched, the center would run the selector of the notification.

    Of course, I could be WAY off here, because it is still 8:30 in the morning...I'm just trying to get out of doing school work.

  4. Sorry, it's CFDistributedNotificationCenter. There's no CFNotificationCenter in CoreFoundation either.

    CFDistributedNotificationCenter requires a daemon running in the background.

  5. The link is dead.