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Those Mysterious PulpFiction Crashes – Solved?

We've had a heck of a time tracking down some crashes in PulpFiction, but, I think we've got it:

Modified Files:
Log Message: fix for the weird crash when fetching. None of the users
have had it crash on them since and I can't reproduce it anymore. Looks
like we're good.

Other nice commits this evening:

Modified Files:
  FSSTruncatedTextFormatter.m PFDatabaseModel.m 
Log Message: moved the xml unescaping to the html flatten method so
that it's performed once on fetch instead of each time the table is
reloaded. It was accounting for about 10% of my sample time when fetching.
Modified Files:
Log Message: removed a redraw of the activity window during reload.
display is called in didResize and we were calling it.
Each call was about 30%.

In other words, PulpFiction 1.2.2 is in the works. Small updates, but the above two are nice. If you've experienced a lot of mysterious crashing when fetching, get in touch with us for a beta.

One Response to "Those Mysterious PulpFiction Crashes – Solved?"

  1. Despite the fact that it's no longer my company, I feel compelled to tell you that Freshly Squeezed Software has released (finally) the 1.2.2 update to PulpFiction. The 1.2.2 release fixes several things:fixed incorrect folder countsfixed the negative ...