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QotD: Prepare for Tiger

Question: As a follow-up on yesterday's post, today's question is this: how will you prepare for Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)?

My Answer: I'll do my nightly (and complete) backup. Then I'll probably just install it right over 10.3.8. When problems arise in a few months, maybe then I'll do a clean install. But right now, I've got too many third-party libraries and frameworks and things installed to mess with doing a completely clean installation.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Prepare for Tiger"

  1. At work: Archive & Install over my Panther installation. (And then I can delete my two Tiger seed installations.)

    At home: possibly a straight Upgrade, but maybe an Archive & Install. I'm not sure yet.

  2. Not sure, really. It all depends on how my computer is running at the time I get the system. That said, I am teetering on the side of a clean install primarily because I get to start fresh.

  3. Backup

    Test backup

    Clean install

  4. I'll be doing an install over Panther as well. If I can get it set up in time, I'll backup as much as I can.

  5. I honestly don't know what to do. Before with Windows I always did a clean install. But I knew Windows. I'm coming up on 1 year with OS X. I've got so much installed and changed and personalized, I don't know what to do. But as excited as I am about 10.4 I wont do anything until I can figure out my best options.

  6. Fresh install since I am continuing from tiger seeds.

    Note that there is an additional installer option which will be revealed to you when you install Tiger (as it is still NDA'd) that will help your migration process.

    In other words, don't feel too hesistant about archive and installing a 10.3->10.4 upgrade path.

  7. Geoff: if you keep your home folder, all of your user-specific settings will be retained.

  8. I'm going to archive and install, and then install Panther on a 6GB partition for testing software (which means I have to move my SVN again).

  9. User migration is not under NDA, since Apple has published information about it (the unpublished details are still NDA, though): Setup.

  10. iBook: Backup, upgrade

    Mac Mini: upgrade (i don't keep anything important there)

    PowerMac: Backup, Install on a new partition, create users, set up fstab to mount my Users partition to mount at /Users so i can have the same home folder no mater what OS i'm booted from... i'm just that crazy

  11. Backup with Backup.

    It should keep iPhoto, iTunes, iEverything else's data in the right place, then just copy everything else I want onto an external drive.

    Then wipe and reinstall the internal.

    I'd like to upgrade but I don't want to spend time working out which libraries, frameworks, and other miscellaneous pieces just don't work with Tiger and are munching my new system up. Besides I like having the fresh canvas. I can download all the apps I use again and make sure I have the latest versions. It'll also allow me to get rid of everything I don't use.

    I like the cleanliness of it.