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$30 off .Mac Only for New Members?

I wonder if I can renew .Mac for the special "limited time" price of $69.95? If I can, I wonder how I would do so. Has anyone done this? I can't seem to do it through .Mac, and proceeding partway through the checkout at the online store indicates they'll send me a box (which has a code to "activate" .Mac).

So are renewals not possible? That… kinda sucks.

3 Responses to "$30 off .Mac Only for New Members?"

  1. You can use the code from the box to renew. That's what I did, and what my father would have done, had he been able to read the box before putting in his credit card number. (*sigh*)

  2. Or just go to an Apple Store and buy the boxed version, which has an activation code on the CD sleeve.

  3. The ad I read for this promotion actually didn't say it was for new members at all, it said something to the effect of "for anyone who buys the .Mac box". I assumed this wording was deliberate to include existing members who are just buying the box to renew later.