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MovableType Sub-Category Question

The Sand Trap has a few top-level categories that stand alone. It also has a "Tours" category with PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and a few other sub-categories. Same is true of the equipment main category and its sub-categories Clubs, Balls, Apparel (etc).

I'd like to delete the "Tours" category, which has no articles assigned to it, and promote all of its sub-categories to top-level categories. When I try to delete the "Tours" category, I am told:

Are you sure you want to delete the 1 category? When you delete a category, all entries assigned to that category will be unassigned from that category.

OK, that seems fine… but what happens to the sub-categories?

One Response to "MovableType Sub-Category Question"

  1. I'd imagine that you could move the sub-categories to the top-level (from the Categories page in the MT admin), and then remove the "Tours" category with no problem.