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QotD: Bonjour

Question: Do you like the name Bonjour for Apple's former Rendezvous?

My Answer: Sure. It will be interesting, however, to see how badly people mispronounce it. 🙂

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11 Responses to "QotD: Bonjour"

  1. Well most Canadians know how to pronounce basic french expressions so we wont have a hard time. What will be interesting is to see the videos and how various people say it (especially Steve who speaks like a true Californian).

  2. It's not nearly as good of a name, but it is easier (and shorter) to type at least. 🙂

  3. No. I hate it. Rendezvous at least had a Z in it. On that note, they should've called it ZeroConf. Or, go all OS 8-y about it and go with OpenTalk.

  4. yeah sure its still a nice french name now...

    but the other guy - your info source - is perfectly right when he states that the word now just says "hello" while "rendezvous" has a much more subtile meaning

    but.. all that fades when i start to think .. its yet again ... about a lawsuit !!


  5. Worst product name in the history of product names. Why don't they just call it Zero Conf, like it is in the rest of the universe. And it only sounds cool if you're not French. There's a great product name 'Hello'. What the heck!??!

  6. Ignorant. That's what I think. Rendezvous was fine. Sure it was hard to spell the first few times, but hey, it got some people to learn to spell better. Renaming a product is just ignorant anyway. They could have called it "Hey Over Here!" Or "No Pain Networking". it would have been fine if that were it's original name. I just don't see any need for changing it.

  7. Oh. now I see why. The lawsuit. Still stupid.

  8. Yes, I prefer 'Rendezvous' over 'Bonjour' too. However, I think we'll survive! I'm coming up on my 1st year anniv as a Mac user and wow... I'm stil so amazred by the zealots. I actually heard someone say the other day that he wouldn't use an app because it had an ugly icon. He was ready to admit the app was useful and had many great features, but the icon was keeping him away. Der.

  9. Geoff: Yah, it is amusing to watch the true zealots. The name my not sit so well with me, but the technology rocks and I'll continue to use it! 🙂

  10. I have officially lost faith in the American legal system. Or French? I dunno. Nobody seems to have much info on this. What the hell happened?

  11. I think they should have gone all German and called it "Achtung"!

    Then acquired the rights to "Hogan's Heros"

    Just think, when you browsed, and there were no Achtung devices, John Banner's voice saying "I know NOSSSSING!"