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Safari Bookmark Bar Shortcuts

It seems that since upgrading to 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3, the keyboard shortcuts cmd-1 through cmd-9 no longer work when using the number pad. They continue to work with the "top row" number keys.

Has anyone else verified this?

7 Responses to "Safari Bookmark Bar Shortcuts"

  1. Also, Cmd-Opt-V is no longer View Source, and Cmd-LeftArrow and Cmd-RightArrow no longer switch tabs when in a text field. The former I can live with, since Safari's new Cmd-Opt-U brings it closer to Firefox's Cmd-U. The latter bugs me to high heaven, especially when I'm cycling through tabs and one page has an active text field on it. The whole thing stops, right there. Of course, it bugged me to no end to hit Cmd-Shift-LeftArrow to go to the beginning of a line in a and have the page vanish on me, to. I can't think of how to please me.

  2. Command-shift-square brackets are the replacement for switching tabs. I find it annoying now, but am trying to get used to it.

    The most amazing thing is that textarea's in Safari now support undo/redo!!!!

  3. I can't speak for that, but they added a TON of links to my favorites. I just cleaned things up too. Freaked me out for a minute.

    Not even Tiger tromped all over like this did. WTH? Of course, for the Tiger seeds I usually did a erase and install so I guess I'd never notice....

  4. hmm. For me they still work with the number pad.

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  6. Don't forget that you can customise the keyboard shortcuts - welcome back, Command-Shift-V!

  7. ... or Command-Option-V, even.