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Clearly, the Adobe buyout of Macromedia is big news today. I'm a fan of competition, and this seems to be a smack in the face of that. But whatever.

I do remember that I once reviewed Fireworks 1.0, Fireworks 2.0, and ImageReady 1.0 for MacAddict. Both applications have come a loooooong way since then.

3 Responses to "Adobedia"

  1. They weren't really competing as much as mastering complimentary niches-- Illustrator won over Freehand; Dreamweaver beats GoLive; and Flash is the motion vector graphics standard not Adobes DMV or whatever it is called.

    Now maybe you can buy one 900 dollar suite of apps, instead of 2.

  2. uhm. no .


    Illustrator and Freehand are no direct match ... Freehand is still the unbeaten king in vector art/design, and combined with a Intuos2 or something, it really gets nice. Beside its program crashes and slugginess that is..

    Golive started with bad things right when they entered the adobe sphere...

    Flash is an app I highly respect for its output - but the app itself is incredibly annoying in my opinion. Could get a nice marriage with PDF/SVG probably..

    BUT the question is, for how long will adobe let - say - Illustrator and Freehand co-exist? What will they eventuall do to Fireworks? Would they be so upright and ditch THEIR Golive for the arguable much better Dreamweaver?

    well.. well... I just see Adobe has gone along way too, since Photoshop 3 or so.. I do not know wether or not I like to current attitude...


  3. I had that feeling about Freehand once, when I was much more fluent in Freehand's particular shortcuts. But look what Macromedia has done with it since they acquired it (I thought the 'clip art' they provided with the program very sad, and telling)

    I became as fluent in Illustrator and left the wonky world of Macromedia's support and attitude towards Freehand behind, and many, like me, liked the way Illustrator melded with Photoshop, and didn't miss Freehand, once acclimated.

    SVG could improve Flash, but first, people have to use SVG, which wasn't going to happen with Macromedia around. Similarly, people were not about to give GoLive a chance with Dreamweaver around.

    I look at it as once having to have bought 2 separate 900 dollar suites, where in the future I can buy one. sez that zdnet sez::

    From the survey of all the commentary out there, the general feeling seems to be that Photoshop will kill Fireworks, Illustrator will kill Freehand, and Dreamweaver will kill GoLive. This seems to be confirmed by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen's thoughts in a statement about the deal.,39020463,39195422,00.htm