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The Best Golf Shot I’ve Seen Lately

Saturday, Carey and I got some sun at Lake View. We played two holes before, well, let's just say we came in. We had lunch, we hit some range balls, and we went out again for nine more holes. It was pretty quiet and we wouldn't get in the way.

Carey played better than every other newcomer I've seen. She's not quite got the distance, but she's pretty straight and her swing is more like a swing than most new players - particularly most new female golfers. She hits her 9W hybrid thingy (9W/4I) from anywhere outside of about 120 yards and then moves through her 5I to her PW from there.

On the ninth hole, our last, she had about 70 yards to a pin tucked on the right side of the green. I told her "Try about ¾ swing with the pitching wedge." I walked to my ball left of the green and turned around to watch. She made a little swing, the ball lifted into the air and hit the front of the green. It bounced, it released, and it rolled slowly to two feet. It was the most impressive shot I've seen lately, and I was awfully proud.

Of course, I'd have been more proud if she'd have made the putt. 😉

But as I told her, I don't view golf with her as being about the score, but about spending time with her, outside, in nature, enjoying each other's company and getting some exercise.