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QotD: CD or DVD

Question: Which do you burn more frequently: CDs or DVDs?

My Answer: I burn them about equally. CDs when I want to give someone some iPhotos or other small files, DVDs when I'm burning Tiger builds, movies, or backups of things.

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One Response to "QotD: CD or DVD"

  1. I burn lots of CDs. Mostly Debian or FreeBSD boot discs, or copies of MSDN stuff for lending out to our students and faculty. Or burning a copy of someone's home directory. At home I burn the occasional backup of photos form my iPhoto library. Before I go on long car trips I typically burn a few CDs in iTunes.

    Most of the DVDs I burn at work are for Tiger seeds. At home I burn the occasional DVD with a slideshow of photos (usually from a vacation). At this point I don't burn nearly as many DVDs as CDs.