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QotD: Slashdotting

Question: If you knew you were going to be slashdotted, could you make money from it?

My Answer: I bet you could, but I'm eager to see the response. No, I've not got any slashdot-worthy things coming my way (and this post hopefully won't result in such a thing). Just a question of the day…

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3 Responses to "QotD: Slashdotting"

  1. I could only really think of a donate button or google ads (or similar) as a way of making money, and hell yes. Unless it was an article on ethics or against advertising or something similarily ironic. I gots to pay my server bills you know!

    However, my one and only slashdotting had me thinking more along the lines of 'wow, a load of 160', 'how do I keep apache up' and 'oh $deity why didn't I use mod_perl' instead of wondering how to make $$ 🙂

  2. I think I'd try and sell advertising with something like google ads or similar.

    But I agree with the first poster - the first concern is the infrastructure handling the increased load!

  3. No