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404 Funny

Someone reminded me today of Freshly Squeezed Software's 404 page. I forget about it every now and then, but it's funny, and when I'm reminded, I usually end up spending five minutes reading it all.

6 Responses to "404 Funny"

  1. Isn't your web server called Marvin by any chance?

  2. No, it's not. But here's a nice link with some MP3s.

  3. Do you know where this came from originally? I seem to remember first seeing it many years ago.

  4. I may remember having seen it before, but I wrote that one on my own about three years ago. Heck, maybe more... I've moved that 404 around to a few different sites.

  5. Your 404 is really good.. but I think this one is my favorit.

  6. Damn spelling errors. Should be favorite of course.