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Did We Find Our Home?

A listing came up on Monday, and Carey and I added it to the list of houses we wanted to see today. We looked at one house, then visited the new one.

It may be our future home.

It's nearly 2000 square feet with only six rooms. A front "playroom," a massive family/living room, a kitchen with an island, a master bedroom with a jacuzzi and shower in the attached master bath, and another bedroom and an office. An extra bathroom upstairs and a half-bath downstairs. Skylights in the master bath and the kitchen. Great carpet, great wood trim, nice yard.

A bit more than we wanted to spend, but if things go right in the next few days, we'll still be making the 20% down payment and whatnot. Carey has to make sure she has her job - we'll know Monday, but it's a 99.9% lock - and then we hope to make an offer on Tuesday.

After we make an offer, I'll take some pictures. The ones in the listing are rather poor.

4 Responses to "Did We Find Our Home?"

  1. Wow, sounds very nice. Good luck, hope it works out!

  2. Yes, so long as they will sell it to you at your price.

  3. OK, David, no need to be a jackass, a sour puss, a rain man, or a doubting Thomas.

  4. If ever there was a TV station that makes you want to do something with wood, HGTV is it. Since Carey and I found the home we chose to buy, I've been watching entirely too much HGTV. Design on a...