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QotD: Anger

Question: When you're angry with someone, how do you handle it?

My Answer: I usually tell them in a straight-forward fashion that they're making me angry, though I do have a bit of a passive-aggressive streak sometimes. But it really takes quite a bit to make me angry. I'm intense, and sometimes people think I'm upset, but anyone who's known me for a little while knows that when I'm upset, they'll know it. There won't be any question about it!

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One Response to "QotD: Anger"

  1. I think that wholly depends on the person who I am angry with, wouldn't that be the case for you too?

    As for generalities, I find that I am becoming slower to anger and more thoughtful about it. When I am angry I try to use that for something positive whenever possible. When I am not in control of my anger I will either have an outburst, or if no one is around I will let the situation loop in my mind.