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QotD: Home Essentials

Question: Carey and I are looking to make a list of home essentials. We've got a lot of everything already - furniture, cooking stuff, etc. - but we're curious as to what we may be forgetting. What things do you consider home essentials that two people who have lived on their own are unlikely to have bought for themselves already?

My Answer: Some garden equipment - lawnmower, edger, etc. is needed - but Carey and I really can't think of much else besides a few extra trash cans, cleaning supplies, and the really little stuff like that. We've got two couches, plenty of beds, and so on.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Home Essentials"

  1. A Leatherman, or similar catch-all tool. At some point you will end up needing it, particularly if you're needing to put together furniture 😉

    A bigger toothbrush holder?

    Otherwise, if you've lived on your own you're most likely to have everything already...

  2. Fire extinguishers.

  3. Carbon monoxide detectors?

    Assorted extension cords/power bars.