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More on House #2

The house Carey and I are interested in came on the market on Monday at $194,900. We saw it on Thursday as part of a five-house tour, though we left off one house that didn't look appealing and cut other visits short after seeing the house we liked.

The house is in a nice little neighborhood but only a few minutes from the Millcreek Mall (which passes for "entertainment" around here :-P). It was built in 1991. We liked it and went back to see it the next day (yesterday) at noon with Carey's mom. We all liked it, and we wrote down some details (the kitchen island has plenty of drawers and cabinets, yes - etc.).

We planned to put in an offer on Tuesday after Carey knew for certain that her job was good - the one she all but locked up a few weeks ago. The house had seen no action other than Carey and I in the first four days on the market, and the homeowner is away, so we thought we might have time.

Our buying agent called us yesterday evening to let us know that four appointments were scheduled in the next three days - two Saturday, one each Sunday and Monday - and that we should put in a bid.

We had initially planned to offer $189,000, but increased the bid to $191,000 (submitted with a pre-approval letter saying $192,000) when we learned of possible competition. We asked that the washer/dryer (~$2000 pair, but pain in the ass to move) stay, and we're comfortable if they counter back with at $192, but they may not even do that. After all, it's only an extra $1,000.

And now we wait. Until Sunday at 5pm, at least. The seller is out of town, but the selling agent can get a verbal agreement (or not) by then, and we can finalize things on Monday if she accepts our offer or has only small changes.

The closing date we set to May 27, but we're willing to move that around a little. The first payment would be due in July.

Here's a floor plan. I did it in OmniGraffle, and if anyone can recommend any software that's actually good at doing floor plans, please recommend it!


For those that wonder, I'm comfortable putting prices here because my name does not appear on any of the paperwork and a search for Carey's name doesn't point anyone to this site.

9 Responses to "More on House #2"

  1. Visio is very good at floor plans. There's no Mac version, though.

  2. SketchUp is awesome. I was mesmerised by the 20 minute demo video. Wish I had a serious excuse to shell out the $500 it costs.

  3. OK guys, how about reasonable software for the Mac? C'mon…

  4. Reasonable? I wish I knew. Vectorworks is great, but it costs $975.

  5. So here's where I'll be living come June 12, 2005. Right there on that little bend in the street. The "x" marks the location of a picture (see the extended entry) and the black lines mark the land that's ours....

  6. Sketchup IS available for the Mac. So is Illustrator of course, which would be the first tool I would reach for (snap to grid, line thickness to scale to typical wall thickness, maybe one point to an inch scale, pica equals a foot) And I think there are plug ins that automatically toss in dimensions as you draw.

    But you want something cheaper, I guess. Shareware? Freeware?

    Since OS 10.1, I have wondered about the cocoa-ish Stone design suite. Not sure if the drawing package is available separate from the rest of the 400 buck suite.

  7. Try CADintosh from Lemke software (creators of GraphicConverter).

    It's only $33.

    Great for floor plans etc. Hope this helps.

  8. Maybe Intaglio.

  9. [...] pictures from the real estate listing site are in the extended entry, but keep these floor plans in [...]