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Some House Pictures

House StreetmapSo here's where I'll be living come June 12, 2005. Right there on that little bend in the street. The "x" marks the location of a picture (see the extended entry) and the black lines mark the land that's ours (Update: this isn't accurate - we're right against the street. Duh.). The black rectangle is roughly where the house sits, though it is just a rectangle here in the picture.

We close on May 27th, but the sellers asked for "15/DAC" which means they get to live there for up to fifteen days after closing. We're paying the mortgage, they're living there. I've heard of "rent-back" but that's usually only an issue if the seller stays for longer than two weeks. I don't mind too much - it's part of the deal - but it kinda sucks to have to wait an "extra" 15 days.

Some pictures from the real estate listing site are in the extended entry, but keep these floor plans in mind:

House Picture 1

This shows the front of the house. The right two windows are in the garage, the left one the playroom, the top right one the bedroom, and the top left one the office. The brick is a nice accent, and the porch is just big enough for some trick-or-treaters.

The lawn is beautifully kept and has lots of nice features - some plants, some flowers, some trees. I don't know if I'm the gardener to take care of it - or Carey is - but my mom might want to spend some time playing around. All of the trees in the back are "ours" too.

The house is white with red/maroon shutters. The garage, which has two doors, is "side entry." Too many houses these days have a garage as the dominating feature of the front view. Ugly.

House Picture 2

If you stand on the back of the porch and look towards point X in the picture above, this is what you see. All of those trees that you could see from the front (above) you see here. The bird bath is probably going to stay, and as you can see, much of the "yard" is actually wood-chipped or gravelled. The deck has no fence, but there is a bench right about where the photographer was standing when this picture was taken. The immediate "backyard neighbor" has a driveway, and you can see his red car at the left edge of the picture.

House Picture 3

The carpet looks pink in this picture, but it's more a burgundy. The "bookshelf" trim around the top of the walls is pretty bad and will come down eventually. This is the "great room" in the floor plans. It's 18 x 28 and will serve as the family and living room as well as the dining room.

Looking out the French door, you can see the bench I mentioned in the picture above. This picture shows about ¼ of the room - there's quite a bit left and behind the picture's "eye."

I don't know if my puny 36" TV will "fit" this room very well. I may have to get a new big-screen TV soon! 😉

House Picture 4

This shows some of the kitchen. There's a bit more space left - and a door to the patio - as well as to the right. The island has chairs on one side and cabinets on the other. The waterworks are in great shape, and the disposal is new. The cabinetry is Brookhaven and in great shape - though Carey and I may swap out the handles at some point with some silver ones. The oven, dishwasher, and microwave are "okay."

The skylight is the best feature. You can see it top center.

House Picture 5

This is (or will be) our second bedroom, the right-hand one on the second floor in the first picture. The carpet might need replaced in a few years. The closet space is pretty small - a definite detractor - but she can use the space in the office if she needs it. Or we can figure out a way to include more dressers or something.

House Picture 6

The back yard from point X in the map at the top. Not much to say here, besides the fact that you can see the skylight in the kitchen (left) as well as the master bedroom window (top right).

10 Responses to "Some House Pictures"

  1. Nice looking house. Maybe I missed it somewhere, but how many square feet is it? The backyard wood-chip thing would bug me a little, but that's mostly because I *like* mowing! 🙂 The house definitely presents well from the front.

  2. Dude, there's nothing more relaxing than mowing the lawn on a hot summer day. It can be a hell of a work out too, if the lawn is big enough.

    Congratulations on the house. It looks like it has some real potential.

  3. 1957 square feet, full basement. I used to mow lawns "professionally" (ha, you know what I mean), and though I enjoy it, I'll enjoy not having to worry about it a whole lot, too.

  4. the 15DAC is insane. It will be *your* house. They should be paying rent. In any case, the simplest thing to do is to moving the closing day up 15 days.

    REMEMBER -- You can ASK for ANYTHING in the offer. If you don't like a mirror in the bathroom, have them replace it. Want new HVAC vents, have them replace it. I would try to get everything you can think of, especially if you're going to let them keep the 15DAC.

  5. 15DAC is not as unusual as you seem to think, Eric. There's no rent, and it's a maximum range. It's part of the deal, and one of the things on which Carey and I could be flexible.

    And besides, moving the close up 15 days is dumb - it'd only amount in $440 or so more interest having accrued and being due at closing. Since we aren't necessarily in a rush to move in, we simply view our move-in date as June 12.

  6. Wow, I've never heard of someone letting them live in their house, after it's closed, rent-free. That's just not going to happen in Ohio...

    Yes, I realize it's a done deal, and it's happening and you agreed to it... I'm just a little amazed that you did agree to that condition.

    Anyway, congrats on the new place. One recommendation: if kids will be around, put a railing w/ proper spacing on that back deck, so they don't go flyin off it.

  7. It was listed in the paperwork as part of the asking price and so on. Removing it is not something we seriously considered, as we felt it would severely impact our ability to get the house.

  8. I can't stand it when dogs poop on my lawn. Is there something wrong with me? I'd put in laser guided triangulating sprinklers which shoot at dogs, and with such force it really hurts.

  9. Yep, congrats on the house, Erik. It looks very nice!

  10. It gives those that still may be living there, or using it for storage of sundry items, time to totally move clear and completely out of the house, or handle other oddities of closing.. such as keeping utilities in their name as the house is being shown, and allowing the new tenants to get the utilities in their name.

    A house shows better when it is climate controlled, there is electricity, and running water. And this house is still obviously furnished, that is, being lived in to some degree.

    Many people cannot move COMPLETELY until the old house is sold, for budgetary reasons. And many times, a house may not sell at all, and a family member if not the entire family, may move back in.