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Photoshop CS 2 the Jackass

Photoshop JackassRight, cuz Macs have always been the ones with the funny file naming conventions. Particularly when displaying images in Web browsers. Uhhhh, no.

Nice little slap, there, Adobe, but I'll gladly uncheck the "Mac OS 9" and "Windows" checkboxes (after I found them - what a pain) and leave the "UNIX" box checked.

3 Responses to "Photoshop CS 2 the Jackass"

  1. I worked on CS1 of ImageReady, and the reason we left that setting in then (we considered changing the default at the time) was because there were still some web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla) that would not support long filenames with file: URLs from the file system (which is used when doing things like Preview In Browser).

    Times have changed since then, and it was probably time to remove that default from CS2, but my guess is no one ever brought it up (I didn't work on CS2) or they thought people doing Preview in Browser on Jaguar might still be using IE.

  2. It's also useful if you need to save (or copy) onto a sufficiently old file server. I leave this option turned on when saving slices optimized for rollover onto my old OpenBSD server running some ancient version of netatalk that doesn't even support IP.

  3. And I should probably add that I'm running CS1 -- so this is an old feature -- and I just told folks who are still on the Photoshop team that rather than remove this feature they should simply change the default values of the settings. Probably on Windows it should be set to Windows limitations and on Mac OS X it should be set to UNIX limitations and all three options should be available to everybody. I'll still turn on the Mac OS 9 limits, not because I care about Mac OS 9 or Carbon but because of my old AFP server.