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No ‘Sold’ Sign

Carey and I drove past our house yesterday. As Google Maps reported, it's 1.7 miles to the Millcreek Mall. Whoo! 😛

The experience wasn't quite what we had thought it would be. We talked about it later in the evening. Neither of us felt much excitement - we drove past it, we looked, and we drove on. There was a car in the driveway and the "for sale" sign was still in the yard. We've only paid about $5,350 so far ($5,000 down + the appraisal fee), so we've yet to plop down the "big chunk" - the $37,000 or so due at closure. Maybe we'll feel differently then.

For me, I know that my own lack of excitement is tempered by the knowledge that I have to move again. I hate moving. To college. Back home. To Florida. Back to PA. The massive interruption in a daily schedule, the stupid expenses, the physical effort - it's all just a big pain, and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to buying all the stupid little things you need. The day I'll be most excited about the house thing? The day we can finally say "ok, we're done moving in" and I can sit on my couch, turn on my TV, and relax for ten minutes.

Perhaps we'll feel differently when there's a SOLD sign on the post in the yard.

3 Responses to "No ‘Sold’ Sign"

  1. I actually like to move, although I haven't moved a lot myself.. A few of my friends have moved to new appartments all around me lately, and I've been helping them out. It's been a bit fun, actually 🙂 But then I like every opportunity I get to just do some basic physical work.

  2. Congratulations! I am vicariously excited now.

    I am in agreement with both you and Frode. I hate moving my own stuff, but I actually enjoy moving other people's stuff. (Hence the part-time loadiing job at UPS while I get my masters)

    If FL wasn't so far away I'd volunteer to come help you out, but moving is a huge hassle even with a half dozen helpers. I think I sometimes feel sort of violated and displaced for about a week or two surrounding any move.

  3. MOVING SUCKS!! I know, I've been doing it for a month now. We are in the process of painting the guest bedroom now. Then all we'll have left is our bedroom, the office, and my craft room. Halfway. Then we have plans to remodel the bathroom and the kitchen, new roof and siding. It'll never end. It's kind of nice, though, when you get a room done and you can take breath. One room at a time.