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QotD: Job

Question: Are you happy with your current job?

My Answer: Yes. But it won't be current much longer. 😉

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18 Responses to "QotD: Job"

  1. Yes. My job consists of sitting on my ass, waiting to be told to go somewhere else to sit on my ass. 🙂

    I work in a parking garage.

    For a student job, $8/hr to do next-to-nothing pwns something good.

  2. Yeah. I'm a UNIX sysadmin, working at a college. They pay pretty well, my coworkers are cool, there's no dress code, and I can pretty much set my own hours.

    Oh, and I'm expected to get students to do as much of my work as possible. (Although basically that just lightens my load some at the beginning of the semester.. by halfway through the semester they're too busy with their courses to do much.)

  3. Quite.

    I'm one of two editors (my boss excluded) that puts together the official student handbook for new Berkeley students. Pay is great ($13/hour), I set my own hours (as long as I have enough to get the work done), and I've my very own shiny-door G4 to work on. Now if only they'd let me upgrade from Jaguar..

  4. Yeah, both of them... Trying to build my self up in the business I was born for - geeky stuff, of course... No steady pay in that yet, but it keeps me on my toes and hungry to learn, experiment and try to make great stuff 🙂 Then I have a side-job quite like Steve's garage job, I sit at a school's sports facility on weekends making sure everything runs well.. In a plain currency conversion it pays me about $19-20/h, but of course that won't be comparable as such...

    Anyone got programming work for me to use my brain on? Heh 😉

  5. Nope. Can't wait to find something else... just not sure what that something else looks like yet. Maybe the parking garage industry is the answer. 😉

  6. No. I want to blog fulltime for!!!!

  7. 80% happy, and rising. I left my job about 2 years ago, and started ding freelance web development. The money is picking up, and once I get back to the point I was at 2 years ago, I'll definitely be happy.

  8. I consider myself one of the forutunate few; I am paid well for something I'm good at that I really enjoy doing.

  9. I get paid to make cartoons. What's not to love?

  10. Right on Daniel, me too. Not a whole lot more one can ask for in life.

  11. I am in a spot. I have all the shiney new computers I need for my job (current count, 11), the pay and bennies are decent, it's close to home, and as long as I get my work done, I have full autonomy during my day. The downer is that my boss is the perfect example of a Dilbert PHB, I get no support form management regarding projects they ask me to do, I am already at the top of the pay scale and there is no hope of upward mobility. I feel like such a hypocrite. It sucks.

  12. You're leaving us all in suspense. So what is your new job going to be?

  13. If I had to guess, judging from some other Mac-development-related blogs, I'd say Erik will be working at Apple soon.

    If so, congratulations! Don't forget about us on the outside.

  14. Nope, sorry Mike. Not accurate, and worse yet, you didn't answer the question!

  15. Yeah, after I submitted the post, I realized that driving from Erie to Pittsburgh on a daily basis would be a bit of a haul.

    As for the question:

    I'd say that I'm in the middle, not happy, but not miserable. I'm doing software development, but not Mac software development. The pay could be better (couldn't it always?), and I'd rather write consumer-oriented software as opposed to business-oriented software. But, until I see something better come along, I guess I can't complain.

  16. I am fairly happy with my job. Right now it doesn't pay very well, but I expect to be promoted in roughly four months and then it will put me where I want to be. I work part-time for UPS, while going to school full-time to get my Masters.

  17. I'm not. I'm a chemical engineer and I get 5.80/hr, that's 9.000/year after taxes and 22 free days (a small car is 12.000) so I feel quite miserable living with my parents. It's not just about the money it's about the frustration you feel inside when you think that your work is crap, writing stupid documents nobody reads but just weights (2 pages is bad, 200 pages of bullshit is great).

    This really sucks because if you are not happy with your work then you spent a lot of time thinking about the people you miss and that makes you more unhappy.

    Anyway things change 🙂

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