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QotD: Speed Limit

Question: At how many miles per hour above the speed limit do you set the cruise control?

My Answer: Four.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Speed Limit"

  1. Between five and ten. But I still haven't figured out the speed of traffic thing in New England.

  2. I don't set cruise control. I drive like a maniac.

  3. 14 is standard in my ride.

  4. What's Cruise Control?

    The traffic we get in the UK makes it pointless. But then, the speed limit here is 70 mph but 80-90 is about the norm on a motorway (if you can get a bit of clear road).

  5. Six. I read somewhere a long time ago that there was some kind of law that said the allowance in court for speedometer deviation was 6mph. Who the heck knows if that's true or not, but I've always kept that in mind when driving and setting the cruise. That assumes, of course, that my speedometer is perfect, which I gladly and probably naively think to be true.

  6. What is a speed limit?

  7. Adriaan - HAHA yeah. 🙂

    My answer: I don't use cruise control. Traffic conditions constantly change, so my speed is all over the spectrum. As for how fast I go, that ranges from speed limit minus whatever necessary to speed limit +50mph.

    Seriously. On an open road with no other traffic and excellent visibility, road, and weather conditions, I'll drive triple digits.

  8. 5mph over limit here in southern California. North of Los Angeles the roads are usually clear. Start heading south into the San Fernando valley north of LA and things slow to a crawl most of the day.

  9. I don't even have cruise control. I usually drive the speed of traffic, which can be pretty fast sometimes here in CT. In UT, I'd usually drive about 5-10 over the speed limit. In AZ, when I knew the area, I'd go an easy 20 over if visibility was good enough.

    In upstate NY, I will not go faster than 3 under, since I got pulled over twice on my last visit (one of which I wasn't hardly even speeding). In NYC, I don't think the cops care about speeders... they're just looking for the next gang beating.

  10. I use my cruise control when I want to go at exactly the speed limit — like on a motorway at 2am, when otherwise I could quite easily do 120mph. Depending on how I feel I might go 75 rather than 70.

    (this is in the UK, of course)

    When I'm in rush-hour traffic, I might flow with the outside lane (i.e. usually 20-30mph over…).

    Good QotD!

  11. 14 km/h over on the highway based on knowledge that it is only past this the the local police care. They consider the ticket below this threshold too piddly to bother with.

    In the city I try to stay within 5 km/h of the limit but have been known to reach 10 km/h over. I got very aware of how fast I was driving after getting a couple of photo-radar tickets.