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I have to BUY QuickTime 7 Pro AGAIN?

I bought QuickTime Pro 3. Then 4, then 5, then 6, if I remember correctly (one of them may have been a free upgrade). Now I have to buy QuickTime Pro 7, too, and there's no upgrade pricing available? What if I buy Tiger (which I will obviously be doing)?


9 Responses to "I have to BUY QuickTime 7 Pro AGAIN?"

  1. Dude, if you buy Tiger, you're still going to have to buy Quicktime Pro 7.

    Sorry man.

  2. Yeah, the money-hungry friggers!

  3. Yeah, that has always bothered me too. I bought QT6 (first one I ever used) and don't know if I'll buy QT7. I'll probably just deal with the nagging, because I really don't need the "pro" features.

  4. I wish there was a hack to get rid of the nagging without buying a QT7 Pro key. I'm not going to be using the Pro features; they're charging me for normal, nag-free usage.

  5. Who needs QT7Pro? I'm not saying no one needs the features but those features are a part of QuickTime 7, not QuickTime 7 Pro. Everything is there in the OS, the 'Pro' upgrade just lets you access those features within the QT7 viewer. So... if so many people are unhappy about this in QT5, 6 and now 7 why hasn't someone released their own application that opens up access to these features?

  6. From what I've seen, there's no nag screen anymore - you just see all of the unavailable options greyed out in the menus with the "PRO" tag next to them.

    No nag screen - Hurrah!

    Having to pay again for features - Boo!

  7. IIRC, QT3-4 (or was it 4 to 5?) was a free upgrade. Quicktime 6 brought MPEG4 which meant Apple has to pay licensing fees for every encoder, and QT 7 brings H.264 which AFAIK also means licensing fees to be paid to MPEG-LA.

    So I find it quite understandable that QT Pro 7 is a paid upgrade...

  8. I bought whatever the first non-free one was (3?) and then got a free license for it with some OS upgrade (8.5?) .. I haven't bought it again since. So Apple, can I trade in my completely unused second license for QT3 for a QT7 license? 😉

    You'd think they could afford to include a QT license with every copy of Mac OS X. Or perhaps with hardware .. they bundle a lot of crap with their machines already, why not bundle their own damn software?

  9. you didn't have to pay for every single version. I've only paid a couple times since three