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Pillar to Post Home Inspection with Dave Sperring

Carey and I had the home on which we have a contract inspected yesterday by Pillar to Post inspector Dave Sperring. Let me first say that Dave, though a bit nervous at first, did a stellar job. I'd recommend him - as I'm doing right now - to anyone. Dave is new to the area (or at least to Pillar to Post and home inspections), but when Carey called, his wife Holly answered all of the questions well. Our inspection came with a CD we've not looked at, digital pictures of some problem areas, a complete walk-through, and easy-to-read printouts detailing every inch of the home.

The inspection results itself? The house needs about $400 in repairs. We need to get a dome for a basement window well, we need a temperature relief pipe for the valve on the hot water cooler, and a few other minor things. The air conditioner is a 3,000 ft3 unit and will run $2,000 to $3,000 when we replace it. It's 14 years old, so that will probably be soon.

Of our $192,000 asking price, we're going to ask that they fix all the little problems - the $400 in minor repairs, since they can't very well screw up putting a dome over a window well - and take $2000 off the price to compensate for the fact that their A/C unit is probably about to go under.

The $400 doesn't count changing out all of the locks, of course. I don't know how much that will cost. We have one French door lock, one front door, and two side doors (garage, patio). Probably $400 right there, too.

2 Responses to "Pillar to Post Home Inspection with Dave Sperring"

  1. We used Pillar to Post for our Bend Oregon golf course home and they did a fantastic job. While it was a never lived in before spec home they still came up with a dozen or so small items the builder needed to fix.

  2. The home inspector called back with the results of the 48-hour Radon reading. He said the basement had an average of 2.7 pCi/l. We had a low of 0.7 and a high of 5.8. Anything beneath 4.0 the EPA considers...