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QotD: Tiger

Question: Are you running Tiger yet?

My Answer: No. Apparently my copy won't arrive until May 5. 😛

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15 Responses to "QotD: Tiger"

  1. Yes, oh yes.

    It's sweet. I keep discovering things that just seem to work better then Panther.

    Well worth the queues at the London Apple Store.

  2. I assume you're talking about that wonderful pre-order program that Amazon put together! If it's accurate, you're getting yours 4 days earlier than me - it shows an arrival date of May 9th for for my copy! 😉

  3. Yes... and no... and yes.

    I've been running Tiger - both server and desktop - on an iBook and PowerMac G5 since October. Part of the preview. 🙂

    I almost decided to purchase it outright too. I went to Cleveland for the ballgame anyways tonite. But decided to wait until I came home to see what ADC Select would do.

    So... yes, and no.

    I came home to discover what I expected - the put it in the downloads. So as of tomorrow this time.... YES.

  4. Yes. But not the final release (that should arrive soon hopefully), I've been running 8A425 for the last 3 weeks or so (obtained through ADC, not through the net).

    I'm just glad I'm now able to talk about it 🙂

  5. Yes, I am. Got 2 copies tonight - one for my employer-provided PowerBook and one for my iMac. It is very sweet, except for one thing so far: Mail's folder list is hard-wired to the left side of the window. In previous versions I always had it on the right... I wish Tiger would let me put it there too. 🙁

  6. Absolutely. It's up and running on my PowerBook and the iMac, upgraded the PowerBook from an earlier seed - does not seem to be supported, but appears to work.

  7. Yes I am! I just installed it about 10 mins ago!

    I love it so far. I went down to the Apple store to get it and guess what? I won a 6 gig iPod Mini!!! This is probably the first time I have ever won anything!

    I will let everyone know how my experience with tiger goes. The one thing that is driving me nuts right now is my hard drive on my G5 will not stop making noise. I have to believe this is spotlight indexing everything. Hopefully this will stop very soon.

  8. I got and installed my copy last night. But it's going to take this weekend or so to come to any conclusions.

    I've got the clownfish desktop going, and those fish to like they are CGI. I've just come back from seeing the real things and I'm sure they don't look like that.

    I got mine from the Regent Street store, only a relatively short queue and not much in the shop because they moved most things to make way for all the people.

  9. Yeah, I went to the local Apple store around 4pm today and they wouldn't sell it to me -- they had a special Tiger Premiere planned for 6pm-midnight.

    It installed fine, no broken apps yet. The UI is much more responsive, at the cost of smoothness -- lots of jump-updates. I.e., grab a window and move it around, and it flickers -- same with Expose. It's not nearly as sexy, but more usable.

    Spotlight took an insanely long time to index my drives. I don't have a lot of disk (1x80gb in the PB, 1x160gb fw400), but it took about nine hours before it stopped saying,"Spotlight won't run until indexing is done!" (ok, less familiar than that, but you get the idea.)

    On the bright side, I think I've dumped Firefox for Safari, which is wicked fast at updating now (especially when I do an "open folder of bookmarks in tabs"), and the RSS autodiscovery is sweet. With Saft and Pithhelmet, I hope to address the two things in Firefox I depend on most -- sessionsaver and Adblock.'s kind of goofy looking, but I rarely use it anyway because it has always been slow. Dashboard hasn't really shown itself to be useful yet, and I'm still looking forward to using Automator.

  10. I forgot mention that I kept opening Spotlight instead of Quicksilver with Command-Space. Now, I open Quicksilver with a quick tap of the Control key, which I think works even better.

  11. Not yet... but I have a copy!

    I went to the new Apple Store opening in Birmingham, UK, and queued up for 7 hours to get hold of it!

    The up-side is that I can officially say I was the first ever person to buy something from the store! 🙂

    My invoice shows the time and date as: "April 29, 2005 6:00pm"... Exactly when they opened the door!

    Cool! 🙂

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, man. At least you didn't recieve a bad disk. Good luck on the install.

  13. No. I wouldn't know how to get it to run on my HP PC, so I am stuck with Windows XP.

  14. Nope, despite the large amount of money my workplace has invested in 70 seats worth of OS X we have not received our copies yet. Also in the IT department we won't be able to install until we've checked a couple of critical apps for functionality. One (Now-Up-To-Date) is reportedly broken and could hold us back. We won't roll to the office for at least 6 months.

  15. Yes. I was running the last developer seed (8A425) for a few weeks, but when my retail copy arrived early this morning, I installed it.