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I'm redesigning the site today. NSLog(); will, if all goes as planned, be green and grey in a few hours. In the meantime, please don't mind the mess. Comments and things should continue to work, but I'm offering no guarantees.

I'll update this post when I'm through. First step is an hour or so in Potatoshop.

Update: I'm going golfing instead. I'll finish this later tonight.
Update #2: Back from golf, back to Potatoshop. Site will start being mucked with very soon.
Update #3: Pretty much done. Still need to get the search page, any remaining little issues, and Judi is helping me with IE's retarded box model.

11 Responses to "ReDesign"

  1. Any advice for using MT to update the design offline without having to upload it piece-meal? I had my site screwed up for the better part of a couple days during the last transition I made.

  2. Nope. Hence the mess you'll see here.

  3. I'm a new reader, about a week or so I guess and was really digging the oranges. It's hard to design with bright colors and look good and you've done it, don't drab it down.

  4. Participating in CSS Reboot, or just coincidence?

  5. Nope, no CSS Reboot, but the colors they have are awfully similar to the ones I'm going to be using. Derrrr.

  6. I ... well

    Anything is better than the old one... i actually still remember the earlier, less "cloated" interfaces...

    Some time ago it seemed as if the content was counting - alas that was before that fictive pulp began to appear (yeah, the first few days i liked it too! *g*)

    actually, why dont you use WordPress ? Not trying to start an argue about religions, but shouldn't be in your spirit, to say so ?

    PS: no my site ain't close to being finished as well *sigh* but its nice weather outside, and while not a golfer, i still enjoy ^^

  7. It's very avant-garde Erik. I like it!

  8. The last time I redesigned my blog (over a year ago), I created a "test" 2nd blog posting to a different directory, populated it with a few "Lorem Ipsum..." type posts, comments and trackbacks and hid it from the outside world with a robots.txt file. That way I was able to get most of the tweaking done "behind the curtain" so to speak.

    It helps to link templates to a file rather than editing in the MT window. That way when it was time to reveal the new site, I only had to change the file location in each template and rebuild. It's still a PITA because of all the files that have to be changed. There are still parts of my site that I haven't converted yet.

  9. I think I like the oranges better. It seemed happier looking.

  10. I like the redesign, but I had to load it in Safari to see it as it was intended. I doubt it will be top priority since it's a Windows problem, but Firefox 1.0.3 completely butchers the layout. On my Mac, Camino 0.8.2 and Firefox 1.02 (Mac) add a border around every image.

  11. Fixed the border thing. Will see about the misalignment of things in the "bar" later.