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Radon Readings

The home inspector called back with the results of the 48-hour Radon reading. He said the basement had an average of 2.7 pCi/l. We had a low of 0.7 and a high of 5.8. Anything beneath 4.0 the EPA considers "OK."

I don't particularly like the thoughts of even 2.7, though I realize that's pretty low and that if you don't spend much time in the basement (our laundry room is upstairs, but we may some day finish the basement), you don't have much risk even above 4.0.

One Response to "Radon Readings"

  1. I was told my house had one of the highest readings they'd ever seen in Erie County - something like 40.5! Brand new house too. I had negotiated for the builder to grate and plant the lawn... but instead they offered to put in the mitigation system.

    I had quotes of $1100 for the mitigation system. The lawn cost me about $500. Not bad. (I figure the builder was okay too. They already had the tubes in the basement when they laid it.)

    After the mitigation system was put in? Reading were a very steady 0.5!