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Still No Tiger

Amazon screwed the pooch a bit, so I'm downloading Tiger from my developer account. Despite the warning that "Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger Build 8A428 is a pre-release version of Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger," it is the same.

Absolutely no stores in the Erie area carry Tiger. None. The closest copy I can imagine is about two hours away (the Cleveland Apple store).

I'm still not 100% sure whether I'm going to completely erase the drive and reinstall everything. I believe I might, if I can stomach doing the work. I would just clone one hard drive to another, then erase and install and slowly move things back. I've got all weekend, after all. Right? 😛

14 Responses to "Still No Tiger"

  1. No CompUSA's in Erie? That's where I found mine.

    Did an upgrade install on a dual 1.8 G5, btw, with no problems at all. (I've also got an ancient iMac that's done an upgrade install for every rev between 10.0.0 and 10.3.9. Gonna leave Panther on it this time, though...)

  2. I have finals next week. Can't even think about it, otherwise I will spend the better part of a day or two messing wif my systems, so I haven't even ordered it. 🙁

  3. Isn't there an Apple Store in Pittsburgh, or has that store not opened yet?

  4. No, no CompUSAs in Erie. And Cleveland is closer than Pittsburgh.

  5. Shoulda been out to the Cleveland Apple Store yesterday, Erik. Coulda had a line-standing party. Woo!

  6. I did an archive/install with the option of importing all my user accounts and network prefs. Works like a charm. Will have to re-install Adobe CS, though. Photoshop lost its ability to open files on both double-click and dropping on it's dock icon. A pain in the b*tt if you're used to just dragging images from iView to Photoshop...

  7. still missing border="0" on all those linked images, looks like shit in IE 🙁

    in firefox it looks smooth though, nice job 🙂

  8. I am currently in the process of reinstalling everythign after upgrading to Tiger...I have found it better to do a clean install, since I never tend to get rid of things I don't use or never used any other way. It is also good for determining what applications still require Administrator access to install. (I haven't run as an administrator since the last upgrade). Look for reports on my web log starting soon.

  9. Sorry to hear about your Tiger troubles, but it's worth it once you get it. It's all good except Mail - you can't have the folders on the right anymore. :/ (I heard that maybe you can do an Interface Builder hack to rearrange the Mail window, but I spent a few hours and couldn't figure out how to do that.) Anyway, you'll like it.

  10. Why would I use Mail? 😛

  11. I have mine, but I can't install it. I have to do a media exchange because Apple has no means to purchase it directly on CDs. You must buy a DVD and mail in for an exchange. (along with $10) I vented about it a bit here when they recommended I make a copy of the DVD before exchanging it. With what DVD drive should I duplicate it? Oh that's right... I don't have one!

  12. Erik: I'm rather surprised that you bothered to get a retail box at all. At least since Jaguar, Apple has always put up the final versions for download with a rather confusing "seed note" because it always was _exactly_ the final release, the same goes for the Server. I thought most people were used to this (moreover, the CD / DVD will arrive with the next mailing anyway...

  13. Ralph, in addition to my G5 development machine, my fiancée has my 12" PowerBook and my parents have my old G4 2x800. So they get licenses, too.

    I downloaded "my" build yesterday and used it to install Tiger on my machine (see the later posts).

  14. The closer Apple Store from Erie might be Buffalo, in the Galleria Mall right off I-90. It's a nice big store too, much bigger then Cleveland's tiny shop.