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Guess the Google

I've played a few games of Guess the Google, and it's a nice niche-time activity. You know, those two minute blocks you have between activities. I've seen some of the same arrays of pictures a few times and still can't guess the word. My high score is 289. With 10 questions and a maximum score of 40 per question (20 for getting it right, and a 20 second backwards counter as the time limit), the high scores are a seemingly impossible 395.

4 Responses to "Guess the Google"

  1. Woo, this was a bit addictive 😀 I agree with the high scores seeming impossible. The top score is now at 399, only 1 point from max! Unless there's some hidden bonus... I've played 5 rounds or so now, and my max is at 206, hm..

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I remember (from other people posting) that the high score in most

    flash games can be cheated around fairly easily, making them all but

    useless for actually telling high scores.

    Two of us workign together did mange to get 269, with a couple of

    completely baffling entries.

  3. The entries must get reset every so often -- the high right now is a 367, and I came in #3 with a 349! Woo!

    Most of my times were at the 00:15 mark.

    p.s. Your comment submission error page needs fixin' -- too dark at the top.

  4. think i found out how some people can score 399. if you're using Safari, open up your Activity window.