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QotD: Widgets

Question: Of the available widgets (Apple's or otherwise), which do you like most? Please provide links if they're not default.

My Answer: The weather, calculator, and conversion widgets are my favorites, all Apple-supplied. I've yet to find any other widgets worth keeping. I did download a Hula Girl widget, didn't like it, and deleted the .wdgt file. Now I can't get rid of it within the "Widget Bar" (what I'd previously called the "dash"). Searching Mac Help for "Remove a Widget" offered no suggestions. 😛

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9 Responses to "QotD: Widgets"

  1. Hey man - I have never commented before but decided I would chime in on this one. I, like you, have seeded Tiger for a while so I have been checking out new widgets fairly often. The ones that I seem to have carried over to the final build of Tiger are:

    Package Tracker:


    Delicious Library:


    When it comes to the Apple supplied one, I really dig the Translator, Weather and Calculator.

  2. You can remove it from the 'dash' by removing it from ~/Library/Widgets.

  3. Nathan, that doesn't work. That's what I did. It shows up as a blank widget (default Dashboard icon) now.

  4. Have you restarted the dock yet (killall Dock)?

  5. No. It crashes just fine on its own often enough to reload the Dashboard widgets now. 😉

    Yes, I realize killing the dock is one way to get it to work, but really, the thing should let you manage your widgets from within itself. Bug filed.

  6. I couldn't find a good weather radar widget, so I wrote my own. (Good excuse to learn something new!) It's resizable and can display any National Weather Service doppler radar in the US, cycling through base reflectivity, composite reflectivity, and rainfall when clicked. You can download it here, if you so desire.

  7. Does just dragging it off not work?

  8. No, Alex, that just "creates" an instance of it on the Dashboard "space."

  9. That's interesting, as it works fine for me when dragging them from the ~/Library/Widgets/ folder to the Trash. I just tested it with the three widgets I had installed (Transmit, Wikipedia, Send SMS) and they were all removed from the 'dash' when I checked about 5 seconds after moving them to the Trash.