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Stop Friggin’ Asking, Safari!

With Safari 1.x, I could download files left and right without many problems. After Apple fixed some of the bigger holes (i.e. the whole auto-mounting of disk images that launched applications), I thought things were fine.

Then, I downloaded a few .dmgs and .tar.gz files with Safari 2.0. Every freaking time I download an application, Safari feels the need to ask me whether I think it's safe.

I don't want to disable "open safe files after downloading." I want Safari to trust that I'm gonna click "Yes" every darn time I download an application. It's not like these applications auto-launch - they're just included on the darn disk image or in the gzip archive.

I'm off to file a bug.

9 Responses to "Stop Friggin’ Asking, Safari!"

  1. My bug report (#4104513):


    Safari, starting in 2.0, asks me if it's "okay" that I've downloaded an application. Y'know, because clicking on the link _to_download_it_ wasn't a big enough clue. 😛

    Steps to Reproduce:

    Download a .dmg or a .gz or a .zip with an application inside. Scream at resulting "sheety question" in Safari's download window.

    Expected Results:

    Safari lets me download in peace.

    Actual Results:

    Blood pressure rises, grip on mouse tightens, and I'm forced to verify once again that I know what I'm doing by saying "yes, I know I downloaded an application."

  2. Yeah, it is a little obscene. It's not like there's any security risk from downloading the application.

    Maybe someone could hack Safari's NIBs and see if that window is in there somewhere, and just delete it, while reworking some of the actions so that it wouldn't show it and would just download/open automatically.

  3. THATS strange, because .. during the preview versions I had excactly this bevahiour... I even had to confirm "download" for .mp3 files etc..

    but now - nothing. So the question is where this setting is stored ?

    I want to be honest. I keep on using Safari despite many many annoyances that may or may not be myself to be the only one to experience. But I do not know why I continue to use it.

    Maybe I am to nervous a user or what, but to me its awfully slow. But in certain issues only. Its extremely slow in loading RSS (ok, i admit, what feeds, is no longer what RSS stands for, granted), its non responsive when it waits for additional possibly crucial data, and sometimes history navigation is so slow you end up clicking 10 times to far backwards 😉 Its also not working perfectly with login/form content, often when I click on remember, nothing happenes, but when i click on "not now", it performs.

    but hey, Safari passes acid2!


  4. Welcome to the world of Windows, where *everything* has to have a security question.

    Did Safari just barely pass acid2? Last I'd heard, it was quite far from passing (albeit not nearly as far as, say, IE)

  5. The acid2 test has nothing to do with security. And yes, in-development versions of Safari pass the test.

  6. I have post processing completely disabled, and it still asks me if i'm sure that I want to download a jar file. Yep, fairly annoying.

  7. If anybody wants to proceed with the HIGHLY DANGEROUS and NOT RECOMMENDED approach of hacking Safari to workaround this, I have found satisfactory results by editing the Safari executable:

    At offset 0x4cab0, change 0x48088dbd to 0x38600001.

    What this will do is change the call from within Safari's "promptForCurrentFile" method to, instead of asking whether the file appears safe (isRiskSafeOrUnknown), simply assume that it is. The specific change is to replace a subroutine branch with a "move 1 to register $r3".

    If you implement this on your own copy of Safari then your computer will explode and you will lose all your data, so don't do it.

  8. Woohoo, Taboo! This not only fixes the issue of closing Safari windows with tabs open, but it also fixes the issue of that stupid, annoying warning....

  9. I use Safari and Firefox side by side. Does anyone know how to turn on the confirm window in Safari?

    In Firefox if I go to a site which automatically tries to download some exe files, it pops up and asks me for confirmation, and I click 'cancel'

    However, safari just downloads it! Any way of stopping it from doing this?