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Tiger Passwords

In less than a day working with Tiger, I've noticed one annoying thing: I sure as heck have to put my Keychain password in a lot more frequently. Safari, PulpFiction, Adium, and Entourage seem to ask for my password every time I ask them to do something. Perhaps this will quiet down in the next few days, but I'm keeping an eye on things.

Oops, there went Safari again, asking me for my password for seemingly no reason. I've also got a mysterious "login_renamed1" keychain that seemingly contains nothing, can't be unlocked, and despite a few attempts, can't even be located.

8 Responses to "Tiger Passwords"

  1. I did an upgrade, not an erase and install, nor archive and install. (Backups and guts!) I have yet to have any issues with Keychains.

  2. This was happening to me on Panther I did an erase and install and it stopped.

  3. I did one direct upgrade from 10.3.x on my iMac and one from 8A425 on my PowerBook which I have examined _very_ carefully for irregularities but no keychain problems (and no other problem) so far.

  4. i have a lot of deamons asking to use the keychain... that gives me the willies!

  5. This gets me a lot too, though mostly when my Powerbook wakes up, and mostly with Entourage. I did an Archive and Install, for what that's worth..

    I think in my case the problem is the keychain's not getting unlocked quickly enough. I have it configured to always stay unlocked, but it still seems to lock and unlock when the PB sleeps and wakes.

  6. Two things seem to have helped me. One: time. Safari in particular had to ask to use the keychain a lot when visiting sites again for the first time and filling in passwords. Two: Repairing the keychain. It's in the application menu for Keychain Access, or cmd-opt-A.

  7. No amount of running keychain repair works...

    I added the keychain status menu to my menu bar, and just now spotted the keychain was locked. At the same time Entourage started asking for access.

    It might be worth adding that status menu yourself to see if your keychain gets locked unexpectedly too.

  8. I think I've found the culprit. I use "SSH Keychain" and by default it does things to the keychain on certain events.

    I've turned all that off, and haven't had a keychain lock up on me since.